How to be great beyond belief (3 most powerful steps)

If you want to be great then reading this article is one thing you need to consider before taking the path to greatness. Just about everyone wants to be great, who wouldn’t want to be great anyway? The truth is, we all have the potential to be extremely great but only a few know the typical mindset of how greatness is achieved. If you truly want to be great, like really, really great then if you consider these steps, greatness will be your last name.

  1. Do the impossible

A lot of people who are regarded as great are those who directed their path against the odds. They proved to themselves that their objective is possible even when the world thought they were nuts or extremely weird. Nothing is impossible; the only thing that is impossible is what you make impossible. If you cannot see it for yourself then nobody is gonna see it for you. You can’t be blind to an extent that you can’t see your vision for yourself. If you give up, then kiss your elusive dream good bye and proceed on being a loser, cause true greatness is the ability to proceed even if obstacles bullshit you.


  1. Help as many people as you can

You don’t only have to give money to help someone but providing inspirational words or being motivation might have power to push someone through bad obstacles. The more you inspire people to change; a lot of people will notice your greatness, just like mahatma Gandhi or any other figure with a prominent reputation. Yes, money does help but do so if you have enough to donate to third world countries. So I recommend that you help as many people as you can and many will remember you for the good things that you did for them when times were dark.

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  1. Do something extraordinary or beyond normal

These days talent seems to be something that can be replicated by anyone given that practice is highly considered. But what happens when someone does something to the point where people can’t perfectly imitate or mimic you? Do you know what happens? People start believing that you are really phenomenal. There are a lot of musicians but how many of them do things extraordinarily like Michael Jackson? There are many basketball players, but how many of them are more or like Michael Jordan? In order to be extremely great at something, you need to be extremely obsessed with that activity. Be crazy about mastering whatever it is that is important to you and trust me; you will be the greatest ever.


Failure will never defeat you as long as you are determination to do the extraordinary is extraordinarily strong- Paul writer