3 definite reasons why some people have sex with the lights off

Ever wondered why some people engage in sexual activities with the bedroom lights turned off? At first it seems normal( which it is), but there are many other reasons as to why some people prefer lights turned off during sexual intercourse and they go as follows

  1. Physical insecurities

Some people have major flaws, and when I say major, I mean flaws that might scare the other sexual partner away. Sometimes this is always the case because some people are naturally insecure and not yet comfortable with their bodies. If you are flawless then you might not have the slightest discomfort with revealing your naked body, but if your body is full of zits, pimples or blisters and so forth, then you might not be so comfortable with the idea of having sex with the lights turned on. I know this sounds strange, but this rings true cause some people really do have the lights turned off during sex because they fear exposing all of their physical insecurities such as scars or any other flaw that may not be appealing to the other individual.


  1. More sensual than visual

According to a recent survey, a majority of men are visually stimulated, which means they need to see the whole you before they can have a serious erection. Some people are a whole lot different in a sense that visual stimulation does not do it for them. Basically they are much turned on by touch or just the pleasure of having sex. These type of people are known as the sensual type because whether the lights are turned on or off it really doesn't matter cause what really matters is obtaining sexual pleasure from providing physical pleasure.

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  1. Don't really want to be seen during sexual intercourse

Yep, some people don't want to be seen during sex, especially with the freakish facial expressions on them. One might not be so comfortable if someone is looking directly at them during sex, so most will suggest having sex with the lights turned off. Sometimes I think this is one of the main reasons why some people engage in sexual activities with the lights tuned off. Funny as it sounds, oh man, it’s true.