3 stunning reasons why women play mind games

Ever wondered why some women play mind games? If you are a guy, you might have been a victim to these foolish mind games or at worst, you were subjected to these mind games that really confused you to the point of vexation, right? Men who normally like the chase and challenge aren't bothered by these mind games, but for the majority of guys who are straight forward with their intentions, these mind games could be a lot more burdensome. So, to release a lot of men from this leash of burden and confusion, I produced this article solely to answer why women play these mind games

Why women play mind games

To test your reaction

If a girl knows you like her, she might deliberately flirt with other guys only to see how you’ll react. Basically, if she does this right in front of you or areas where you hang around, then this means that she wants to see how you’ll react and your response to the situation will reveal to her whether you are really into her or not. If you are a guy, you might think that she hasn’t seen how you reacted, but in reality, she noticed that long time ago when you were busy eyeing her.

Chasing theory

Girls can show Interest for a couple of days, weeks or months and then out of the blue, they start Ignoring and or showing disinterest, but why?

1. She found someone else whom she finds interesting and entertaining

2. Not into you anymore

3. (Most important) – she trying to see whether you really like her by gauging all your efforts of pleasing her or chasing her like a love sick puppy.

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Please note guys: if you constantly chase a particular girl and act less mysterious ,then she’ll easily see that you are really into her. At this point, if she not really into you, then your game is over and this is why:


Know more about you

Women/ girls constantly test men with one intention only which is basically wanting to know what kind of guy they are dealing with. If you appear very needy, you might appear too vulnerable or easily controlled thus ruing your chances of getting the girl cause a majority of women aren't fond of weak dudes. Basically, if you come out as well-grounded and firm, you’ll appear strong, dominant and not some guy who drools over women obsessively.


Remember, all of these tests especially the last one are subjected to most guys with the intention to see what kind of guy they are dealing with or to see who might be in control in the relationship. If you are a guy and you play your game right, you might gain the upperhand…..believe that.