5 Extremely powerful ways to convert negative emotions into positive ones

Negative emotions are absolutely bullshit. We all hate them cause the come uninvited and end up running our day or at worst, the whole week. The sad thing that bothers me is that a majority of people can’t channel their negative emotions into a driving force instead they let their negative emotion drive their mood down the drain. In this article, I purposefully intend to teach you how to use negative emotions for an extremely powerful motivational driving force. So, how do I do it? How do I convert a negative emotion into a motivational driving force?

There are 5 types of negative emotions that you can convert to positive emotions such as:

  1. Fear and worry

A lot of people don’t achieve anything cause of the consequences associated with a particular goal. Some fear or worry about the unforeseeable future till they gradually take steps from beginning. If you can convert fear into courage then you’ll realize that anything is surmountable or achievable if you just do it. Push fear away and let courage take its course.


  1. Failure

This is by far one of the most painful emotions. A lot of people give up because they’ve failed at a particular goal or activity. If you convert failure into learned experiences, then you’ll be able to get back into the game no matter how difficult the challenge is. Failure is just an indication that there’s something you haven’t done right and you need to rectify the problem.


  1. Jealousy

We all get jealous at some point in our lives. Yes it feels bad, but the only bad thing is when your jealousy converts into envy. Jealously is common, but instead of salivating for other people’s possessions or looks, use that as a motivating force to get your own things accomplished. If you are jealous of a rich guy then use that jealousy to motivate you to acquire your own riches.

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  1. Yearning for the past( nostalgia)

Some people always reflect on their past because their present literally sucks. Yes, the past is gone but you still have the choice to mold your future. Use your past to motivate you to accomplish great goals rather than crying over spilled milk. Your past is your past, let it stay there.


  1. Extreme pressure

The most obvious thing people do when extreme pressure visits them is definitely quitting. If you learn to get things done in extreme pressure, then you’ll be able to accomplish anything. When time gets tough, don’t push your burdens aside………deal with them.