6 common but major things people often regret as they age or before they die

Deeply imagine you’re in your golden years or your death bed. From there, gradually rewind back in time and look at all the things you have done. I'm probably sure you’d be happy for some of the positive things that had happened in your life and certainly you’d be saddened by some of the bullshitty things that you might have stumbled upon, right? Okay, that is quite normal cause life is a journey filled with negative and positive experiences both subjected to us for growth and to some extent, mental evolution.

It’s quite normal to go through negative experiences in life, everybody gets it at some point or another, and to some extent it’s quite inevitable. But sadly, even though you are well versed with dealing with negative things in your life, nobody can seamlessly escape the feelings of deep regret as one ages or approaches death. A majority of people go through certain regrets as they age or approach death, and they always correspond with the following

  1. I wish I did things that added value or importance to my life

Everybody has dreams. I think that it’s normal for people to have dreams they like to see happen, but for one reason or another, they don’t see their dreams manifest and to some extent, this impacts you as you grow older or when you are approaching death. Everybody wants to do something that adds purpose to their life, but again, some really fail at it due to lacking persistence or giving up. It’s only when one ages or approaches death that he or she realizes that they would be better satisfied if they were determined and proceeded to fight for their goals or dreams. Not fighting for your goals will yield wounds at a later stage in your life. So do whatever you can now with all your might and you’ll certainly achieve what you set out to achieve.

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  1. Caring less what people think

It’s quite normal to consider how people perceive you as an individual, but there are moments where you need to block all the external voices and start listening to that little voice of yours that constantly wants your attention. As people age, they realize they would have lived a better life if they really listened to themselves instead of valuing other people’s unsolicited opinions beyond their own. If you want to live a better life, seek developmental advice from mentors or people who care about you, other than that, block unsolicited views, advice or opinions cause it might destroy your chances of living your life according to your own rules instead of following the crowd and living by what they living about you.


  1. Using time wisely

People procrastinate and do useless things instead of fulfilling important things. It’s not people who are close to death or those who have reached their golden years who regret wasting time, but just about anybody at any age regrets wasting time they would have better invested doing important things. The only difference is that younger people have more time to accomplish things, but for those who are old and close to death, realize that once time is gone it’s gone forever. One of the saddest things is regretting wasting time that would have been better used to do important things cause the reality is, time basically waits for no individual, god-like or not. Once time is gone, recovering it will be an impossible task. So use your time wisely, and you’ll certainly thank yourself in the future.

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  1. Explore the world and truly live

It’s sad to reach your golden years and realize you weren’t living but rather existing. Everybody wants to live but only a few live whilst some solely exist. Basically, this is one of the most painful things to go through as a person, which is realizing you were just existing and not truly living. So in order to circumvent this painful regretful feeling, start exploring, do something extraordinary or out of the ordinary, in that way, you’ll have a stories to tell that will not only please you as you reminisce , but enthrall people as you tell your story.


  1. Use money wisely

We all use money unwisely at some point or another, but for some people, this behavior climbs up to their golden years. People often look back and realize they shouldn’t have spent money extravagantly and this happens when they need money for retirement or medical needs. Remember, money should not only be used for material things, but also as an instrument that enhances stability and survival. So, use money wisely cause every cent counts, literally.


  1. I wish I had truly lived my own life

I think this is one of the biggest regrets people face the most especially when they are aging or approaching death. A majority of people want to live like everybody else or their role models, but sadly, even if they accomplish imitating or living like somebody else, the negative consequence is that they are killing their authentic self just to be like somebody else.



In your early stages in life, it’s pretty normal to feel or want to be like somebody else, but what truly abnormal is abandoning your true self just to be someone else. In this life time people like you don't need to live like somebody else, but to live according to your own rules and standards. The truth is, you time is limited, so why waste time living someone else’s life? Remember, you only get one shot and I mean that literally. So if you want to prevent the biggest regret in life from happening, start living your life right now and you won’t regret like most people do when they reach their golden years.