6 top-notch reasons why some people molest children

Why is it that some people molest children, huh? I pretty sure you hear about child molesters just about everywhere, right? I mean it’s everywhere, you hear it on the radio, you see it on the news, it’s widespread on the internet, pretty much it’s everywhere and for one reason or another, it’s not showing any signs of declining, which is really bad though, but sadly enough, a majority of people don't know why molesters sexually abuse or make sexual advances on children. It’s pretty normal to focus on what molesters do, right? I mean, humans are always fixated on the end result instead of the cause, which is pretty normal taking into account the typical behavior of humans, but anyway, it would be wiser if we focused on the causes, because child molesting is not always about sex but rather factors that correspond with the following

  1. Psychological impairment

Any person, who was mistreated, abused or over exposed to negative situations, holds the capacity to be a child molester, especially if one was abused as a child growing up. More often than not, all those negative circumstances transform one into an aggressive adult who is more inclined to abuse children and all this happens due to the negativity one was exposed to growing up (think sexual abuse). More often than not, one will often repeat and direct all those negative behaviors towards someone else, especially young innocent children. NOTE: this is most common reason as to why some people abuse children.

  1. Pedophilia

Pedophilia is defined as the sexual urge or fantasy towards children, mostly prepubescent children or children generally aged 13 or younger. Pedophilia is a disorder more like the one you just read above, but the only difference is that the cause of pedophilia is clearly not known, in actual fact, there are many theories surrounding the cause of pedophilia which makes it difficult to point out the real cause of pedophilia. But the fact is, pedophilia is amongst the major reasons as to why some people molest children.

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  1. Spitefulness/ vengeance

It’s not every molester who molests because of psychological impairment or pedophilia, but the urge to seek revenge on a targeted source especially inflicting pain on children of a targeted source. Some people are just despicable. So, you need to accept that this form of molestation exists and this is why gang rape inflicted on young children exists. Just pure vengeance.


  1. Sexual experimentation

This behavior is common amongst teenagers who are sexually curious. Some teenagers fulfill this curiosity by using young children as test subjects. Although this is not very common, it does happen to some teenagers who are at the stages of puberty or at the peak of sexual growth where the sexual urge and fantasies are at their greatest.


  1. Antisocial personality disorder

People who suffer from this disorder are normally deviant individuals who don't conform to the rules of society or laws that are meant to be followed. Antisocial personality disorder is normally a mental disorder in which a person has prolonged behaviors and patterns of exploiting, manipulating or violating the rights of others. Behaviors displayed by such individuals are normally criminal cause rights of others are often violated and molesting isn’t anything new. Child molesting from antisocial isn’t anything new cause they normally violate the rights of others since a majority of them are cold hearted or extremely apathetic. Antisocial behavior isn’t anything new, so don't be shocked cause most antisocial people often engage in acts such as gang rape whereby an innocent child is the victim. Antisocial people don't care and more often than not, they engage in activities they know are illegal and detrimental to someone else’s well being.

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  1. Power and superiority

According to studies, most rapists rape solely because they want to exert power, superiority and control. I hope this isn’t something new to you cause this is one of the major reasons as to why some rapists molest children. Adult or teen child molesters who normally obsess with control utilize their size, status and domineering behavior to influence a child’s behavior. Most people think that child molestation is all about sexual advances, sex or the perpetrators uncontrollable sexual urge, but the truth is, most of the aforementioned happen solely happen because they seek control or power and not just sex.


Of course there are many reasons as to why some people molest children, but if you consider all the aforementioned reasons, you’ll get a better understanding as to why some people molest despite knowing the consequences associated with the act. People are different, so it is likely that you’ll get different reasons from every child molester out there. Plain fact.