You hear about success just about everywhere. It’s kinda inevitable. For example, you turn on the TV and you’ll see particular programmes or channels talking about it, you flip the nearest newspaper or magazine and guess what? It’s there. Success seems to be everywhere and it penetrates our minds both consciously and unconsciously. Throughout all that, you’ve been told that there are keys to success, but after some research and analysis, I’ve noticed people who rose quicker than smoke in their pursuit for success, and to a certain extent, it proves that there isn’t a definite route to success, and I’m saying this because there are myriad ways to rise to a successful household name. In reality, there is no absolute key or principle that will apply to all, but there are things you need to know if you want success in life and they are as follows

  1. Mental preparation is everything

If there is a website or book that consistently gives advice on success and does not mention anything about mental preparation, then they are probably amateurs or they simply don't know what they are talking about. Mental preparation comes first because it includes mainly everything from self motivation, habits, subconscious mind programming, goal setting, self belief, self confidence and many other techniques that prepare your mind. It’s likely that if you are reading a lot about success, you’ll eventually find some of these as integral components cause they are basically all part and parcel of mental preparation. Before success comes along, your mind must be fully engaged cause if one of your mental habits slip, your chances of succeeding will definitely follow suit. So, engage your mind in your pursuit for success cause your thinking will ultimately determine whether you succeed or not.

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“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”-napoleon hill


  1. It’s not always about employment but rather starting your own thing

One of the most important things in life is developing your own skills, and one of the best things in life is being your own boss. Working for somebody a majority of the time will not make you a multi millionaire, but why? You’re simply making money for your boss and to some extent; you get a monthly fixed salary that probably won’t get you that car that you’re salivating for. Don't take this as working for somebody as a wrong thing, but if you want to work for somebody due to passion or fulfilling your dream job, then you can do so, but if you want to make millions from your job, then make sure it’s a high paying company or business that will open doors for you. So, other than that, start your own thing and enjoy your own money.


  1. Planning and strategizing, together with real effort will eventually lead to success

I’ve seen people who work hard but sadly they aren't achieving the level of success they desire, but why? They lack an effective plan or strategy that will catapult them to success. If you want to succeed, your plans and strategies need to be really realistic and to some extent, real work and effort must be prioritized. If you do that success will be closer than you think.


  1. Learn from failure and mistakes
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You’ll never achieve success if you keep on repeating the same mistakes time and time again. Like Albert Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over gain and expecting different results.” Some people don't achieve some of their goals simply because they aren't learning from their failures and mistakes. Failures and mistakes aren't there to be ignored cause they are extremely powerful feedback that will determine whether you progress or not. So, use your failures and mistakes to your advantage, instead of brushing them off as irrelevant.


  1. Consistent betterment or improvement

Nothing will lead to success better than trying to improve every single time. True mastery is only achieved by recognizing setbacks and countering them by improving every single time you fail. Try to improve every time and you might find yourself giving people advice on mastery or success.


  1. Opportunities are not there to be ignored

Success is only closer if you grab certain opportunities by the horn and capitalizing on them. Note, not every opportunity out there will correspond with your basic interests and some will definitely correspond with your deepest interests, but the real importance in this matter is taking those opportunities regardless or fear, doubt or reluctance. So, don't waste time cause some opportunities are extremely elusive and chances of finding them are again might be close to impossible.


  1. Be persistent and determined

Sometimes and a majority of the time ,your path to success will include a rough road of obstacles good enough to make an average individual lose hope or make him give up. Obstacles are a natural consequence when pursuing success.It’s quite inevitable that you’ll stumble upon something you don't like when you are pursing success, but regardless of the matter or obstacle, never give up, instead use those obstacles as a learning curve in order to gain skills and experience. Never ever give up cause the very thing holding you back might be the obstacle that you need to subdue before you see real success. So, remain persistent and determined, and before you know it, success will be your middle name as you grow into a household name.

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