9 unknown reasons that explains why some intelligent, smart and hardworking people fail to succeed (based on Real facts)

There was a time in my life where I thought that intelligent, smart and hardworking people are bound to have it all in life, especially on the financial side of things. I mean, everybody thinks that the smartest individual in class or the most intelligent individual in the whole college is bound to be the most successful, but somehow along the way, life beats them to the ground, and as a consequence, it shocks all those who expected them to thrive.

I'm pretty sure you remember that kid who stood out, huh? Yep, that so-called Einstein who we all thought would rearrange the world, huh? Okay, where is he now? There’s a huge chance that he got really successful if things really panned out for him, but there’s also a possibility that he isn’t as successful as you thought he would be, right? Most often than not, people are shocked to see the smartest or the most hardworking individual confined to a job, particularly one that does not measure up with their intelligence, right? Things like this happen all the time, but as you grow and progress mentally In this realm, you realize that life isn’t as linear as you think.

So, if you have met a very smart person or hardworking individual who hasn’t yet succeeded in life, the following might be the only cause

  1. You are all about theory

There’s a huge difference between reading a book and applying what you have learned from whatever book you’ve read. According to studies, it is noted that a majority of students forget what they’ve a learned throughout the years before they even graduate. Ask any high school graduate 9th grade science questions and you’ll understand what I’m saying. Most often than not, students forget what they learn because they are simply regurgitating what they’ve learned from books and not really implementing some of the things they learn.


Success in school is actually about who has the tightest memory. Your greater your memory, the greater your chances of obtaining an A in any exam. But life isn’t like that cause if you don't apply whatever you learn, you never progress. So, success in life isn’t measured by how robust your memory is cause there are so many factors that play a role in making someone successful, and guess what? Memory might not even be included.

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Success is not all always about theory…..applying knowledge matters just a much.


  1. They think that a degree is everything

Well, back in high school I thought that getting a degree is everything- thanks to my teaches who were able to skillfully brainwash me- but when my fragile knowledge and experience penetrated the real world, I knew that something just did not add up.


Well, why are there school and college dropouts who succeed without a single degree to their name, huh? I know that people like bill gates and mark zuckerberg are exceptions, but this does not constitute that there aren't many more dropouts who succeeded without a degree; the only difference is the level of fame.


We’ve all been told that obtaining a college degree is the key to success, which is partially true, but it isn’t everything. If it was everything, Steve jobs wouldn’t have succeeded being a dropout himself, rappers like Eminem who dropped out wouldn’t be successful, so is it safe to say that a degree is important, but it isn’t everything.


Smart people fail to succeed cause they think that a degree is everything, but when life slaps them right at the face, it become hard to succeed cause they invested their heart and mind to obtaining a degree to the point where they forget that there are so many paths to success in life, not just a piece of paper.


  1. They think success is all about grades

Success in life is not about grades; get it through your think skulls degree fanatics. Life doesn't really care whether you got an A in English or a B in science, all it wants is that you obtain an A in making money and you’ll be set. Most people think that getting an A in every exam in your life automatically lead to massive success, right? I would love to believe that, but life isn’t as linear as you think it is. Well, excelling at school does give you an advantage over others, but that does not mean you’ll have the same advantage

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In the real world.


If life was linear as many people think it is, I'm pretty sure that very smart graduated student would’ve been extremely successful by now.


  1. Some people don't succeed cause they work hard with no definite purpose

Working hard for the sake of working hard will take you nowhere, but why though? Because there isn’t any definite purpose. If you want to succeed exponentially in this world, you need to work hard to bring into fruition your goals and dreams. The reality is, some hard working individuals never succeed cause they work hard with no definite purpose. Plain and simple


  1. Their capabilities and skills are fixated on their school and college marks

Without real experience, skills or practical knowledge, life will definitely fuck you up. Smart but unsuccessful people tend to fixate all their capabilities on their school marks or college degrees, but never on skills, experience or practical knowledge, so as a result, they fail. If you want to succeed in this world, then you need to be as flexible as possible in a sense that your skills and experience need to be sharp so that you can tackle the world, instead of it tackling you.


  1. They choose socially acceptable careers instead of pursuing what they want

Guess what?? Some smart people don't succeed cause they pursue careers chosen for them by friends, extended family or parents. And the sad thing is, it’s no easy to succeed if you are doing something you aren't passionate about. Well, I’m not saying that there aren't any successful individuals doing something they aren’t passionate about, but the truth is, possibility of succeeding is completely slim if you aren't really passionate about your chosen career. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know for a sure fact that I would’ve failed greatly in life if I hadn’t pursed what I like doing.


Don’t be surprised when you find smart but unsuccessful people…… those who don't try to direct their path in life are seldom happy. Success requires that you chase what makes you happy; if you aren't doing that, don't expect a jovial path to success.

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  1. Inability to translate thought into action

Most smart but unsuccessful individuals have great plans and ideas, but they fail in life because they don’t put them into action. Take for example, if mark zuckerberg’s facebook idea wasn’t put into action, do you think facebook would exist?? Right, if you are a smart individual who has a lot of plans and ideas, don't waste your time not effectuating them cause they will one day determine whether you fail or succeed.


Sometimes it just takes a single idea and the pure will to make it a reality.


“Everything begins with an idea”- Earl Nightengale


  1. Opportunities

No matter how smart or hardworking you are, if you don't create, hit, or get the right opportunities, you are dead.The truth is, some smart but not yet successful individuals fail in life because they haven’t found or created any opportunity towards success. PLEASE NOTE: this does not happen just to the smart but not yet successful individuals, but any smart, average or dumb person is susceptible to this. It’s just the way life is. You win some, you lose some.


  1. Fear of failing

Schools and colleges make failing the worst thing that has ever happened to a human being, but the truth is, success in life requires one to fail in order to advance or learn from methods that work and those that don't work. most often than not, unsuccessful smarts don't succeed cause they fear failing, so as a result, they don't try anything new or anything that might change their lives for the better.

Life is too short to let fear make big decision for you, so…..


“Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success”- Denis waitley


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”- Vincent van Gogh