Don’t miss this chance (greatest motivation ever)

Don’t miss this chance (greatest motivation ever)

Would you believe me if is said that in a hundred years from now your body will be occupying the graves. For some, saying this is quite offensive, but it’s about time I said this blatantly without caring cause we all know by now that our demise is a fact. Yes it is and the sad thing is not about our death, but rather the things we do with our finite time on this planet.

Be honest with yourself, how many times did you really want to do something really spectacular, but for some reason, you did not do it? How many times do you envision yourself living a lavish life, but again for some reason, you did not accomplish that goal? At some point, we all go through that but the major reason some people don’t accomplish what they really want in life is only due to the fact that they fear that they’ll fail. Simply put, some won’t or will never succeed in achieving their most cherished goals cause they fear that they will never make it.

Don’t waste time fearing the unknown, you only live once so what’s there to lose? You only get one shot at this and after that, you zone back into non existence, just the same way it was before you were even born. Trust me, I haven’t experienced death as of writing this article, but you wouldn’t want to live your life full of regrets cause you failed to push hard enough to live the life you want.

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The truth is, obstacles in life will always be there. Competition will be alive and well, and mother fucken bastards who are willing to sabotage your life will sneak up on you when you least expect it, but to be honest…….all those things are not new. What’s new to me is someone who has extremely great potential to achieve a lot of things but gives up in the face of adversity.

If you have great potential to succeed, success will knock on your door someday. It might not happen today, tomorrow or the next couple of years, but on one particular day it will happen. Just remain steadfast and never give up no matter what. You only live once, but always remember as from today, your days are numbered that’s why I want you to make every single one of your days count.