Extremely bona fide reasons that attracts women to men

If you are male, you probably wonder most of the time about what really attracts women, or probably you ask yourself what women are really attracted to, right? To males, females can be quite complex and complicated cause women generally function a lot more different than males. Put it simply, males are visually stimulated, meaning that males get attracted to females that appear beautiful to them. Please note: this is not something males choose but it’s something biologically engrained in them. So they are basically influenced by subconscious brain activity and genetic programming. Females on the other hand are quite different than males. Basically, women aren't greatly influenced by looks or get totally visually stimulated by any means cause women are designed more differently than males and the major difference is that they have more than one biological instruction that determines what they find attractive.

So, what really attracts women according to their biological programming?

  1. Dominance

Women find dominant man very attractive. Basically, this is the reason why most of them get charmed by very powerful men. Basically, their biological programming requires them to look for dominant men and the following is the reason


  1. Protection

Women, especially those who are not financially stable will always seek any male who can provide security, not only for her but her offspring’s as well. A majority of women can’t tolerate suffering in compared to men who can handle a lot of suffering and agony. All female species are biologically programmed to look or get attracted to any male specie that can provide security and protection for them and their offspring. Plain and simple.

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  1. Emotional connection

Women value emotional connection more than men. Guys are able to connect emotionally but women are more emotional than men. Women connect easily with anything that emotionally triggers them. So if a guy is able to connect with a particular woman on an emotional level, there’s a huge possibility that they might become partners.


See males and females are different after all because what attracts the opposite sex is totally determined by biological programming. Although not apparent, males and females do have a biological programming that determines what they find attractive or what they get attracted to.