How to completely stop feeling bad all the time ( 2 definitive methods)

Do you find yourself feeling extremely bad just about every day? If you do, you might be suffering from intransitive transitory depression or might definitely be suffering from dysthimia (chronic depression). If you suspect you have chronic depression, then I suggest you get treatment because lifestyle changes are normally suitable for temporary depression but not chronic depression. If you are just feeling bad or suffering from transitory depression, the following steps will definitely help you.

  1. Tackle your life problems

The reason why most people feel bad all the time is only because they are not solving certain problems in their lives. Most people simply disregard problems, but sadly these are the very problems that eventually bring them emotional pain. Like I always say in my articles, the more you leave certain problems unattended, the more these problems come back to you multiplied, but how? Whenever you disregard a problem by not solving it, in does not disappear but gets stored in your subconscious mind until you provide a solution that will effectively solve it. If you keep disregarding problems, they don’t disappear but they accumulate due to past unresolved problems which will ultimately lead to everyday sadness or depression. So, if you want to stop feeling and all the time, make sure all your superficial and deep problems are solved before they escalate.


  1. Tackle your emotional problems

If you feel bad almost every day, there is a good possibility that you have emotion-related problems. You might suffer from sadness, hopelessness, or anger which ultimately affect t your mood every day. So, if you suspect you have this type of problem, make it your mission to find the root cause the emotional problem because without that, you’ll never be able to surmount your bad unpleasant emotion. If you simply can’t find the root cause, you can practice meditation, which will enable you to gain control of your emotions and enable you to put your mind into a state of calmness. If you still feel bad after tackling all your problems, then I suggest you find a professional that will provide effective treatment to suppress all those bad feelings before they escalate into severe depression states.

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