How to deal with breakups (4 most powerful methods)

Breakups are painful, really painful. Sometimes you feel like your heart won’t be normal again unless you get back with the person you broke up with. This is quite normal when you just broke things off with your partner or spouse, but what's abnormal is dealing with the pain of breakup without the appropriate knowledge to do so, fully and in a healthy manner.

So, how does one deal with a breakup completely

  1. Embrace the feelings

If you want to cry then cry, but one thing you mustn’t do is bottle up those feelings or pretend as if you are okay ( tough guy act) when you simply not. Embracing the feelings is one way to let go of all the feeling you’ve been bottling up. The sad reality is that people hide their emotions and pretend as if they are fine and most of them do this by taking drugs or alcohol in order to help them forget or hide their emotions. One things for sure, alcohol and drugs are just a temporary fix cause the bad feelings will come back only after you sober up. So, genuinely express and embrace those emotions, let them flow out and you’ll gradually heal with time.


  1. Stop believing that he/she is the one

The very same beliefs that you hold about a particular person will be the reason why you don’t heal from a breakup. I know you like to believe that your partner or spouse is a rare breed, but in a reality, where billions of people exist, your partner or spouse gets duplicated a million times. Statistically speaking, you do have a chance of finding someone better, but statistically speaking again, this is very hard. So, all you can do is believe that you’ll find someone else…..and you just might.

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  1. Stop believing you can’t live without him/her

If you believe you can’t live without your spouse or partner, then there’s a good chance that you’ll never heal from the breakup. Approaching a breakup with the appropriate beliefs will enable you to heal quicker. So, don’t lie to yourself with words like, ‘I can’t live without him/her’ cause you’ll never heal as soon as those words subconsciously manifest.


  1. Learn from it

It sad that you have to learn from something bad like a breakup, but you’ll need this experience to grow mentally and emotionally. Don’t forget that life is a journey which you’ll encounter thing that are good and bad, but most importantly, you need to learn from everything you encounter cause the same things might replicate itself in the future. Theirs is no quick fix with breakups, but with time and acceptance, the pains of breaking up will fade.