How you can break bad habits using the unconscious mind (one proven powerful method)

Why is it that some people fail to complete certain tasks even though they deeply want to? Why do some people set goals and then fail to achieve them? Why do some people fail to break bad habits even though they eagerly want to? Well to begin with, it all boils down to the subconscious mind programming you create yourself or subconscious mind programming you received.

Well, some people want to consciously want to quit a bad habit, but after a few days they revert back to the bad habit, but why? The reason why people revert to their bad habits is only because the subconscious mind hasn’t accepted the change. The thing is, your conscious logical mind (which is you) knows that you want to quit a particular bad habit, but your subconscious mind isn’t aligned with the decision and because of this, a lot of people revert back to their bad habits. Remember, your subconscious part of your mind does the behind the scenes thinking, while your conscious mind deals with present thoughts and problems. In other words, the conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, how does one break bad habits by reprogramming or persuading the subconscious mind? …….Hypnotherapy.

A majority of people think you can merely change the programming in the subconscious mind by using positive affirmations only, but to their surprise, it fails them almost all the time, but why? The reason affirmations don't work is because affirmations target the conscious level of the mind and not the subconscious mind directly. In order to change a particular habit, you seriously need to target the subconscious mind to fully render positive results.

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So, how does one change the programming in the subconscious mind?

 I repeat hypnotherapy, but why? Hypnotherapy works by altering the state of consciousness by means of turning off the analytical brain (conscious mind), while the non-analytical brain (subconscious mind) is activated or awoken. In other words, the conscious mind is inhibited while the subconscious mind is awoken.

So, if you really want to change a bad habit, you can conduct autosuggestion (self-hypnosis) or have a seasoned hypnotherapist to conduct a series of tests and suggestions in order to alter your subconscious mind. Plain and simple.