How you can make people respect you deeply (6 most effective steps)

I think everybody wants to be respected in one way or another. Yep, it’s only normal, but the sad thing is that a majority of people aren't getting sufficient respect or at worst, they don't get respect at all. We all know the first key to getting respected is by respecting yourself first, but I'm pretty sure you’ve heard this everywhere it has somewhat transformed itself into a cliché. Respecting yourself is important, but how does one go about being fully respected by people?

  1. Be assertive and stand for something

Do you know the saying from Alexander Hamilton that says, ‘if you don't stand for something you fall for anything’? In life, you have to be your own man and not a marionette or a puppet. People who are more like puppets fall for anything cause they never stand for something in their lives. In order to earn respect from people, you need to be assertive and express what you think without fear of getting a verbal bashing. The truth is, some people will disagree with you, which is quite normal, but the other truth is, there will be people who will agree with you. Learn to stand for something and haters and non-haters will respect you for your courage and bravery (alpha human qualities).


  1. Don't beg or ever be needy

Its east to beg someone incessantly when you want something, but doing this will only display weakness or neediness. People who are respected don't implore cause they have more ways to obtain what they really want. Never be needy or beg for something cause it will only make you appear weak thus putting strain on your chances of getting respected, which um…..will eventually affect how people perceive you.

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  1. Achieve something (especially something extraordinary)

Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t that rich but was well respected, nelson Mandela wasn’t the wealthiest person in the world, but was one of the most respected individuals, but why and how? These people garnered the respect of people cause they achieved great things in life. So, if you want to earn the respect of millions of people on this planet all at once, then you need to achieve something, especially something meaningful or an impossible feat, by doing that people will certainly respect you.


  1. Be a man of your word

Don't promise things you won’t carry out cause it will make people trust you less thus making them respect you less. It’s important that you keep your word cause pole judge you based on what you do and what you say. Having the capacity to be trusted will automatically earn you the respect of the pole around you. So, be a man of your word and do what you said you’ll do.


  1. Just be rich

Why do you think rich people are more respected than the poor? It’s simply because money is power. The more money you possess, the more people respect your or feel intimidated by you. I bet you’ve seen how rich people get respected, right? So aim for money and you’ll not only earn respect but power will also be yours.


  1. Gain authority in a particular field or subject

A master musician is more respected than an amateur musician; a master chess player is respected more than a beginner chess player, but why? People naturally value or praise anything or anyone that has exceptional skills and qualities, but why again? Dominant skills and qualities are a subconscious indicator that shows whether one is an alpha human or not. In other words, being dominant in particular field or subject signifies power and knowledge in that particular field. So, the more authority you gain over a particular field or subject, the more people will respect you, mainly because you rank higher than any other individual or group.

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