Do you have limited or no capital to start your business? A lot of people want to start a business but the only problem many face is that they don’t have any capital to set their business or ideas in motion. Some of them despair and give up whilst others try to save money hoping that it will add up in the near future. Let’s get things clear, saving money is good but it can take an awful long period of time to accumulate necessary funds especially if the business you want to start demands and requires a lot of money.

So, how does one get a business going with limited funds or no funds at all?

  1. Find investors to fund your business

If you really want to get your business going, you can seek the aid of an angel investor. An angel investor is an affluent individual who provides start-up capital to establish a business in exchange for ownership of the business or convertible bond/debt. An angel investor is likely to fund your business as long as you can provide a vivid business plan that is likely to be successful. So, if you feel like sharing a portion of your business with an investor, you can do so but remember, some might demand a hefty part of your business. So if you feel comfortable with this, you are welcome to seek an angel investor.


  1. Bank loans

Banks tend to fund businesses mainly if you have a good credit, but sadly they are picky and generally banks might not give you a loan to finance your new business. If you feel lucky, you can try but don’t forget banks are strict when it comes to loaning money, this depends on the type of bank, but most of them are strict when it comes to loaning money especially if you are new.

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  1. Government funding

Government funding are predominantly focused on providing financial aid for small developing businesses, start-ups and expansion of a business. The advantage is the money you get doesn’t need to be paid back compared to other forms of getting money to start up your business. So, get the government to provide financial aid to help you establish your business.


  1. Crowd funding

Crowd funding is the process of raising money to fund a business venture or project using the aid of multiple people, mainly online platforms, friends, family or the community. The most used form of crowd funding are online funding platforms like which is basically the largest crowd funding website. You can also use social networking sites like facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn to garner people who can help you fund your business or project. Crowd funding works, so, join now.


  1. Venture capitalists

A venture capitalist is an investor who provides capital to emerging businesses/firms that are likely to have high growth potential. Venture capitalists finance small to medium businesses so long as the return investment is promising or high. Remember, venture capitalists are different, some might require are large share of your business giving you limited control over your own business. So, if you think of finding a venture capitalist to provide you with a business start-up, make sure you make your research before you make irreversible dealings.


See you can start a business with little or no capital. But remember, before any investor or organization can help you with your business start-up, you need to provide a plausible business plan or strategy, anything other than that will score you no points with investors. Just develop an extremely good business plan and you’ll get the backing of investors.

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