Long time ago, investing was only available to a small group of individuals with extremely large bank accounts and financial knowledge. Back then, things were a little tougher for small investors who wanted to invest but couldn’t due to lack of sufficient funds or lack of financial knowledge. Now things have changed, due to technological evolution we have the internet which makes it possible to invest online without too many hassles. Yep, online investing is real, but what are the great benefits of online investing though?

  1. It’s cheaper

No more paying enormous amounts to your broker to effectuate particular trades or investments. Although there is no way to avoid paying commissions for stock trading or forex trading, there are ways to find the lowest rates for particular trades. But the fact is, online investments are far cheaper than the ones executed offline.


  1. Minimum investments

Long time ago, investing required substantial amounts of money, but now, you can invest with funds as little as $100 or even $50 if you find a good online trading platform. So, if you want to start investing, you can start with minimum funds and hopefully you can grow that money.


  1. Ease of access

No more wandering about trying to find a broker to effectuate particular trades for you. Nowadays, you can simply switch on a computer or laptop with internet access, and start investing given that you have knowledge on trading. Well the internet is everywhere, so it’s safe to say that wherever you are, you have the ability to effectuate a killer trade that will scoop you thousands.

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  1. Full control

Some online trading platforms partially or completely eliminate the middle man (broker). Brokers have been enormously replaced by online trading platforms that give large and small investors direct access to the stock and forex market. The advantage is that you get to monitor your trades, so if things go wrong, apart from technical issues, sadly you are to blame.


  1. Flexibility

Did you know that the forex market is open 24 hours a day from 5pm est. on Sunday until 4pm est. on Friday? This market makes it possible for the average Joe to place trades right after knocking off from work. So, if you have a busy lifestyle, you can still invest cause the forex market is open 24 hours a day from Sunday to Friday.


Furthermore, online investing gives investors control that would otherwise be controlled by the broker. Additionally, it gives the trader the choice to make their own trade choices without being influenced by a broker or an external source.