The epic method to get over sadness

Ha, I guess you feel sad, right? I clearly know what it feels like to be swallowed in a world of distress, pain and grief. Sometimes you ask yourself, “why do I get such emotions and why do they happen to me all the time”?  We all go through that stage in life but sometimes, for some people, it happens more than just an occasional thing. In their world, it happens more than frequently, which is really sad.

Before we learn how to stop this recurring sadness, we need to know why it happens in the first place.

By now if you’ve been following my articles, you would know that emotions are just indications that something good is happening or there’s something amiss. So, what about sadness? Sadness is just an emotion telling you that something is amiss.

So, how do I stop feeling sad? We all, that there’s no permanent solution that completely eradicates sadness in the lives of humans but what one can do is solve problems that currently bother us or attend to past unresolved problems. The moment you tackle a problem that currently bothers you, you gradually sink the bad emotions that engulf you. Since we all know that sadness is just an indication that something’s wrong, the moment you intervene and the solve the problem, your bad emotion subsides.

So what if I’m sad without any reason at all?

Wait, wait, wait, you are sad without any reason? Nah, that’s impossible. The reason you are sad and you think it’s happening without any reason is due to the fact that you have underlying problems that are not solved. Most of these problems are buried deep within our subconscious mind according psychology and neuroscience findings. These underlying problems tend to pop-up when we least expect it or appear when there is an internal or external stimuli that prompts it. The reason why this happens is due to how the subconscious mind functions.  Your subconscious mind functions by storing memories, habits and also alerts you when there’s a problem that needs to be solved. The moment you consciously solve the problem, it gets eliminated by the subconscious mind because it becomes irrelevant and redundant as part of its processes.

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