The epic reason that explains why like attracts like in relationships

Have you ever asked yourself why like attracts like in relationships? I'm sure you’ve heard before that opposites attracts, but does it though? To quickly satisfy your curiosity, opposites do attract in relationships but in most cases it’s short lived, but why? Let’s first start out by pointing out why likes attract so that you can get a profound understanding on why opposites don't last.

So, why do likes attract in relationships

Take for example, would you go down a very dark alley that you never seen or visited before? Of course not, nobody wants to risk their safety or health walking down a place they know nothing about. The same thing applies when it comes to attraction. We tend to repel from things that don't make us feel comfortable or easily relaxed. The reason why likes attract is mainly because it’s easy to relate with someone who has common interests and similar views in life. But that not the only reason why likes attract. Likes attract because they hold similar beliefs, values and experiences. Opposites normally lack most of these traits or at worst, all of them combined.

Why do you think that evil people hang with or around evil people? It’s solely because hanging around with like-mined people confirms that your behavior and traits are normal. Note: if you see relationships that start off and end quickly, sometimes the reason might be that the pair didn’t match on any level and therefore we can consider them opposites. If you are looking for a long term relationship, it’s better if you look for someone who matches with your beliefs, values, and characteristics.

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 Always know that opposites do attract in cases whereby the other partner is looking for characteristics they lack which they wish to satisfy by filling that void or lack with characteristics and qualities from the other individual. Please note: this happens on a subconscious level and not necessarily on a conscious level. For example, someone who is poor is more likely to look for someone affluent in order to start a relationship. By doing this, he/she is fulfilling something that he/she lacks which is money. Money may not always be the reason because there are many other things people lack which they wish to satisfy by looking for somebody who has those qualities. So basically this is where opposites attract, other than that, likes we always take the crown when it comes to long term relationships.