The six major reasons that explains why people marry

Have you ever asked yourself why a majority of people marry? Why is it that a majority of people who marry can’t tell you the real reason why they married in the first place? Most of them are able to tell you directly, but a few are honest with you, but why? Okay, let me tell you the real reasons why some people marry in the first place

  1. Religious reasons

Some people marry because their Holy Scripture advices them to do so. The no sex before marriage concept is one of the reasons some people marry because initiating sex before marriage is considered wrong, so some people decide to marry before doing something that might defy the Holy Scriptures.


  1. Love and social pressure

Some people marry out of love, but some marry because there is too much pressure from society. According to a recent study, it is said that a majority of people marry because they want to prove their love to the public or the world at large. Pressure from parents and friends plays a role in pressuring some people to marry when they are not really ready.


  1. See marriage as a prerequisite before starting a family

Some people marry because they believe that children need both parents to be married. Although this is good, I don't personally think that you should be married in order to start a family cause in this era; children are born out of wedlock every day.


  1. Financial reasons

Some marry, especially women, to basically relief themselves from the financial burden by simply splitting the bills with the significant other. Some marry because they only seek security and the sad part is that some don't do it out of love but just for the financial advantage.

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  1. Culture and tradition

Conditioning from culture simply makes some people desire marriage. Such conditioning impacts the subconscious mind, thus making one consider marriage when grown.


  1. Because everybody is doing it

Why am I not surprised. Well, a lot of people marry because their parents did it, their neighbors did it, and their friends are doing it and so on. Normally people marry because it’s an idea society perpetuates. Plain and simple.