The true reason why nice guys fail to get women

Why is it that nice guys fail to get women, huh? Why is it that nice guys always enter a relationship but sadly, it does not last very long? Do nice guys lack something women need and desire? The answer to that is yes, nice guys do lack very important things some women want in a man and this is why they fail to get women or somehow get rejected.

According to evolutionary psychology, women… in actual fact all female species get attracted to males who are dominant, confident or males who have a sharp ability to protect and nature a family. In as much as males get attracted to any female who strikes them visually, women –all female species in general- are hardwired attracted to confident, self reliant and dominant males.

So why is this confusing? This is confusing because attraction does not happen on a conscious level. Since we are biologically hardwired to get attracted to the opposite sex for some ultimate biological reason, this will not happen on a conscious level and to some extent you won’t understand why it happens. You’ll never hear a woman say, “ I’m attracted to him because he is dominant ,” or “ I like him because he is an alpha male,” but what you’ll hear is something different from the aforementioned cause the subconscious mind creates its own reasons as to why and what they find attractive.

So why don’t nice guys get women? Nice guys fail to attract women cause they come across as needy individuals. Needy behavior displaces the fact that the male can be self reliant or confident in that matter. Needy people tend to be overly available. So, it’s easy to predict their every move when they are attracted to a particular girl. Here’s a metaphorical example, if a particular girl they like tells them to jump, they ask how high. In other words, they do almost anything to impress a lady even if it means going against their principles.

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Remember, women aren’t looking for a puppet in a relationship but rather a man who can lead a woman, and if a particular woman is trying to make you a puppet, try to run away from her faster than the speed of light. So, if you are a nice guy and somehow always gets rejected or dumped, trying changing or upgrading a few things about yourself before you get rejected for an indefinite period of time.