Why bad boys always get the girls (3 concrete reasons)

Are you wondering why bad boys seem to get a majority of girls? I'm probably sure you hear women say they want a generous and faithful guy who is gonna sweep them off their feet, but in reality, you end up finding them with some bad ass asshole, but why? It’s all about genetic programming. It’s very easy to understand that men are genetically programmed to look for physically attractive females cause physical attractiveness is a good indicator of health and fertility. Women on the other hand aren't superficial as males. Women are genetically programmed to look for other qualities besides a guys physical looks, but what are those qualities and what relation do they have with bad boys?

  1. Protective qualities

Women are subconsciously attracted to any male who can fully protect them, but why? Since women are the ones who get knocked up, they fully need a guy who can protect them while they are pregnant and also when the offsprings are born. Bad boys indirectly exude characteristics of protectiveness compared to nice guys who always look vulnerable.


  1. Dominant

Bad boys are always seen as the dominant type of guys. Since women are biologically geared to find the dominant male, bad boys easily fall into their criteria. Nice guys are hardly dominant cause in the eyes of women; they are seen as shy and too kind to run the pack.

Note: always know that the dominant male in all species will always win over the female cause that’s how female species are biologically programmed.

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  1. Confident

The natural wiring of females always find confident males attractive, but why? Confidence is the single hottest quality you might find in a person. In short, confidence defines how you see yourself despite what people think. Confidence portrays a strong sense of personal identity and esteem. When a man is confident, it shows he’s in control of the situation. Basically, women love guys who know how to lead. Plain and simple.