Have you ever thought of investing but weren’t so sure whether to go the traditional way or the modern online way of investing. A lot of beginners in the investing industry think that there isn’t much difference between traditional investing and online investing cause they know that both render an increase or decrease in their initial investment. Although that is true, there is a huge difference in online investing and they go as follows.

  1. Access to markets whenever you what

Online trading gives you that opportunity to make trades whenever you feel like it. You don’t necessarily need to quit your job to invest online cause you can invest when you knock off from work or whenever you feel like it. The stock market, mainly the New York stock exchange (NYSE) is open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm est. and the forex market is open 24 hours a day from Sunday est. to 4pm est. on Friday. In short, online investing makes it easier for you to access the markets without too many hassles.


  1. Global markets are influenced by global events

You can benefit tremendously in the forex and stock market if certain events happen. In the forex market and stock market, you’ll benefit by capitalizing on currencies or stock you are well aware will appreciate or depreciate. You as an investor will benefit tremendously if you use global events to help you make certain trades that are likely to be lucrative in the near future. For example, if google stocks rise and appreciate, you as an investor will make the smart move of buying the stock and selling it at a much higher rate so that you can profit. If you continuously do that with in depth knowledge about the market’s movements and changes, you’ll benefit almost 90% percent of the time ,and luckily, your way to the riches will only be a trade away.

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  1. Online trading platforms offer you tools to make research

Compared to traditional investing, online investing platforms offer professional tools to help you make informed decisions on particular trades. These tools enable you to make smart trade choices about your own finances. So, if you have doubts about a particular trade, these tools will basically be used at your disposal anytime.


  1. Personal control

Online investing certainly gives you control over your own trades as opposed to traditional investing which requires brokers to execute particular trades for you. You can simply make a trade without notifying your broker which is a good and sometimes a bad thing. The bad thing is that you are likely to make bad investments if you are not a seasoned trader and the good thing is that you have complete control of your own investment portfolio.


Remember, both traditional and online investing have their pros and cons, but there are certainly more advantages with regards to online investing than the traditional form of investing. So, consider your options before you trade.