Why money appeals to women (truth revealed)

Have you ever wonder why money seems to matter significantly to a lot of females? A lot of males think that women are natural gold diggers, but it’s their lack of understanding about how women operate on a biological and psychological level and this misunderstanding often leads to false statements and assumptions. So, why does money appeal so much to women?

Money appeals to women cause they are biologically geared to look for male providers, but why money? Back in the day before evolution was even coined, females were naturally attracted to any male who could provide abundant resources. Females were simply attracted to any male who could provide and protect. For example, a male who was able to hunt and kill a majority of edible animals, would increase their chances of getting the women than a male who hunted but never killed any. So, through biological programming, women would chase and be attracted to an affluent male because she wants stability, security and protection. Yes, such indications of stability and protection enables females to be impregnated by a dominant male cause they are guaranteed that they’ll be secure and protected if they are pregnant. It’s a fact that a majority of women want to reproduce, but some wont until they find a man who can fully provide for her and their offsprings.

So basically, the reason why money appeals to women has a lot to do with time progression. Long time ago, having a lot of animals hunted and killed for food was a good indicator that a man had a lot of resources, but now in this century, hunting isn’t an indicator but money is an indicator of wealth and a indictor that one can afford resources. Since women know that there’s nothing attractive about struggling, they pursue guys who can fully provide and give them security. In other words, women are biologically programmed to look and target wealthy guys or capable providers.

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