Why people fear death (the 4 untold facts)

Ever wondered why people fear death? Yes, you, me and everybody else. Why do we have this great aversion towards death? Some people will boastfully say they don’t fear death, but deep inside they know they fear death to some inexplicable extent, but anyway, why do we fear death even though we know its gonna happen someday?

The psychology behind the phobia of death ( thanatophobia)

  1.  Afraid of the unknown

This pretty much sums it up. Some people fear death cause they don’t know what lies beyond it. Some are deeply indoctrinated with stories such as heaven and hell thus making it difficult for some to come into terms with it. For example, if you are constantly told that when you die, you first go to hell and then heaven, you’ll obviously fear death cause nobody wants to burn in hell for some undetermined period of time. Like Steve jobs once said, “no one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there.” Some people fear death greatly and this is all due to the fear of the unknown.


  1. We are biologically hardwired to fight for survival

Humans, who am I kidding…….. Animals and humans are basically hardwired to fight for survival from the smallest living organism to the largest. Life is based on the simple inevitable truth that we should strive for survival or else we will perish. In most cases, the fear of death seems to be biologically hardwired in us. But the truth is, once you age and start accepting that it will happen, you liberate yourself from fear.

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  1. Not accomplished much yet

Some people want to start families, some want to start a record label and some want to leave an indelible legacy. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen because death gets in the way. The reason a majority of us fear death is mainly based on our desire to do more with our lives. Somehow we want to create good lives for ourselves or the world, depending on your goals of course, But the truth is, we all want live more and do more and this is one of the reasons fearing death falls naturally to us.


  1. Desire to live

Unless you are suicidal, nobody wants to die. Whether you are ambitious or not, rich or poor, The desire to live is one of the most potent forces but sadly we get people who plainly exist and people who truly live. Always remember, it’s not the number of days you breathe, but the quality of your life that you give to those days.