Theoretically and practically speaking, a majority of people want to be wealthy, right? Of course, but the major problem is that the wealthy are always in the minority as if they know something that most people don't know about, right?  To be honest, some wealthy people do apply certain things that most people don't apply, but this does not make them super special…….. Basically, they are just applying basic things that are just common and helpful for everyone and they simply go as follows.

  1. Having positive beliefs about money

A majority of people don't succeed cause they believe money is the root of all evil or beliefs such as large sums of is only available to the lucky minority. Yes, there are a lot of evil things committed in the pursuit for money but that does not necessarily mean that money is the root of all evil. Look around, there are many more things that are basically evil and for a sure fact, money isn’t involved. So, this goes to show that money isn’t the root of all evil, but does play a significant role in it. Basically, some of these false beliefs eventually embed themselves into the subconscious mind thus controlling the way you use and perceive money. If such beliefs aren't altered, they might screw your chances of succeeding financially. So, how do you expect to be affluent when the very same thing that you are pursuing isn’t fundamentally aligned with your inner belief system?? It’s either you are pro-money or just against it.

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  1. Not making the risk and sacrifice

Some money making opportunities are born out of risks and sacrifices. Some people don't dedicate the time to work hard enough to achieve a financial break-through. Sometimes some sacrifices demand that you spend some of your saved up money, but some are just unwilling and because of this, some don't get the financial break-through they desire.


  1. Disregard and neglect opportunities

Sometimes some people are hit by big lucrative opportunities, but they constantly fail to capitalize on them. Sometimes these opportunities come once in a life time and most certainly you won’t get that chance again. So make sure by all means that you capitalize on opportunities at all times. Opportunities are everywhere, so make sure you have a trained eye to spot them.


  1. They have the means but do nothing at all

Some people are lucky because they have all the resources that make it quite possible to attain financial success, but yet are too ignorant or lazy to implement action.

  1. No saving, no investments( stock or forex) and no plan

Not saving any money is quite detrimental cause you’ll never know what financial aid you might need in the near future such as starting a business. Secondly, if some people took time to invest their money with compound interest in future, it might double to amounts you never anticipated. There were times where I wished I had saved up money for some significant future scenario, but due to my uncontrollable splurging, all that would’ve been valuable in the future got reduced to nothing. So,I urge you to start planning, saving and investing cause this is a surefire way you can make big money in the near future. Trust me.

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