Why some women hate men (4 concrete misandrists reasons)

Have you ever wondered why some women hate men so much? Sometimes we often hear of men hating women which is quite common nowadays, but what about women who truly hate men? What really converts the mindsets’ of these women to misandrists?

Well, for every human action and behavior on this planet, there’s always a psychological and emotional reason attached to it. So, let’s dig deeper to the reasons that explain why some women become misandrists, right? Okay

The reason why some women become misandrists

  1. Being cheated on, broken or being played

Any woman who has experienced this a number of times will certainly hate men and there’s totally no doubt about that. The truth is, women deal with emotional problems differently compared to men, in a sense that women are not necessarily fragile but extremely sensitive. In most cases, if something bad such as being cheated on, or being terribly dumped happens to a particular woman, it might leave a permanent scar in her emotions thus making her hate a majority of men.


  1. Conditioned

A lot of women are constantly shoved with the message that says,” all men are dogs and all they are after is sex”. Well, this might be true to some extent, but this does not mean that all men are like that. This stereotypical perception makes certain women dislike men because they think that all man have an ulterior motive, which is not the case for all men. This is not a good enough reason to hate men but it does happen though.

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  1. Cruel male behavior ( rape and abuse)

A majority of women who genuinely hate men happen to be those who have been through cruel things inflicted upon them by cruel men. These cruel men inflict painful things to a majority of women such as rape and domestic abuse ,so as a consequence, some women end up despising men cause they think and believe that all men are the same, which is not.


  1. Male advantage

Some women are seriously not satisfied that males seem to be the dominant sex in the economy. Women like this don't hate men, but rather hate men who work in the same environment as them especially when certain guys hold positions that they believe would be better reserved for them.


So, are these all the reasons as to why women become misandrists? Of course not. The basic truth is that everyone is different and there might be multiple causes of misandry that don't fit the description of the aforementioned. So if you want better answers, then you are better off making your own investigation on your target because in reality, what applies to one person might not necessarily apply to the other. Plain and simple