Why some women prefer weaker men (based on psychology)

Why is it that some women prefer weaker men? Ever wondered why some women prefer weaker men, huh? I’m not referring to men who are physically weak but men who are absolutely intrinsically weak (men who are weak internally). Anyway, why do some women prefer these types of men compared to the dominant and protective men they are biologically hardwired attracted to?

It’s no doubt according to biology and evolutionary studies that women are programmed attracted to the alpha male or the most dominant male, but it’s also a fact that all or the majority of human beings consciously and unconsciously strive for superiority.

So, what about women who prefer the weaker male compared to the dominant male? In order to understand this, you need to understand someone’s past or her history. For example, if a particular woman grew up in a family were the male figure was submissive or inferior, she might grow up believing that a majority of males are weak, typically of the kind that resemble the male figure who was part of her life growing up.

According to the subconscious mind and its processes, it will always give out a perspective that matches your inner beliefs. So in this case, the woman will always view males as inferior even if opposing information is presented to the woman. Here comes the tricky part, since the subconscious mind of the woman can’t prove that all males are inferior, it will find an alternative ,or it will circumvent by getting the woman attracted only to males who are apparently weak or weaker.

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Please note, this happens solely because the woman is seeking a weaker male figure to control and this happens because some of her behaviors are rather deeply rooted in her subconscious mind from a programming he received while she was still a minor. So, in this case, pursuing an inferior male instead of a superior one is far easy than pursuing a dominant male who will exert unwanted power and control.

Please note, women like this are rare but they do exist.

the subconscious mind is very powerful, so don’t take it for granted cause it governs a good portion of your subliminal thoughts