Why we get attracted to each other (3 ultimate reasons)

I'm pretty sure you’ve stumbled upon this question once in a while or probably you’ve thought about it on your own. Now the purpose of this article is to fill that gap and give you a realistic easy explanation, probably one you won’t find anywhere else, okay? Alright, let’s begin

Why am I attracted to him or why am I attracted to her?

Well, all attraction comes from our innermost desires which are basically the principles of our unconscious mind. We get attracted to whoever matches or corresponds with our subconscious model, this might come in many ways but the following are the most common

  1. Physical attraction

Some people get attracted to those who resemble their parental features or those who genuinely look good. For example, a well defined body, good looks, beautiful eyes etc. this might not be the case for everyone but just a common mental procedure that is engraved in our subconscious mind.


  1. Traits, characteristics and personalities

We get attracted to those who have similar qualities, behavior and characteristics. Well, this is the most common form of attraction and again, this is one thing that ultimately measures whether a relationship will work or not. If you find yourself in relationship with someone who is completely different, it might work for a small period of time but when it comes to long term relationships, nah don't count on it. For example, Samantha can’t date high school drop outs cause they don't have a college degree as she does, so basically this becomes a subjective goal to reject any person who does not have the same qualifications because they don't match with her subconscious desires.

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  1. Shared perception

This comes through the form of influence. For example, parental or peer influence. Sometimes we tend to get attracted to those who match the preferences of our peers or parental figures. Basically, this happens through constantly inundating a particular person with a particular perspective. Basically, what happens is that the unconscious mind gradually starts accepting the enforced perspectives, hence controlling ones behavior when choosing particular mates.


Yes, the next time you find yourself attracted to someone then think of the aforementioned reasons cause they might be the real cause.