Why we like celebrity gossip- 4 psychological explanations

Why is it that we are attracted to celebrity gossip so much? Why are we enticed by celebrity based headlines more than any other headline? Are we naturally hardwired to analyze other people’s lives especially those of the renowned? In order to find out read the following

The truest reasons why we like celebrity gossip

  1. Biological comparison

People compare all the time, but why with a celebrity? Some people measure how good they are doing in life in comparison to their idolized or hated celebrity. This is also the reason why people surf the net to know particular celebrity’s networth. Some people are simply looking at how they are trailing in life in comparison with a renowned and high status individual and all of this happens at a subconscious level.


  1. Personal benefit

Some people look up to certain celebrities. Some will constantly look for news about a particular celebrity they adore or like in order to progress in life just like them. In other words, some people want to be celebrities, so they constantly look at things celebrities do in order to be like them. If you are ambitious, looking up to someone who has achieved a lot in life might make you push harder so that you can succeed. Plain and simple.


  1. Seeking bad news

I know that some people love a healthy dose of celebrity bad news, but why? Since some celebrities are idolized, some people seek flaws in order to feel good about themselves or prove that celebrities are just like any other average person. I know that a lot of people won’t admit it, but a majority of people love celebrity bad news.

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  1. How to live and what to follow

Some people look up to the standards of celebrities because they easily identify with them or they simply want to know what is fashionable. Since a majority of celebs are trendsetters, some people want to get involved, feel like they are in the celebrity community, or simply be in the know with what's popular in the industry.


Although there are many more different reasons as to why people enjoy celebrity gossip, the aforementioned are the core reasons that motivate some people to follow and read celebrity gossip. Remember, people are different and the reason why you read about celebrity gossip might differ to someone else who also reads celebrity gossip. So in other words, people views and subconscious motivations are greatly different