Why women are magnetized by well-built men

Ever wondered why some women drool over well-built men? What is it that they find attractive about well-built men? For a physically ordinary guy, it might confuse you, but if you understood the nature of women, it will make a whole lot of sense.

So, why are women magnetized by well-built men?

For starters, women are genetically hardwired to get attracted to well-built men, but why? Research shows that women seek a partner who can provide a great deal of protection for them and their offspring. So, what does this got to do with males who are physically well-built? Well, physically well-built men come across as protective and dominant due to their well defined body. In women’s biological attraction criteria, they find this attractive due to the fact that the male looks and appears suitable enough to protect her and their offspring. Women don’t understand this cause all this attraction to well-built men transpires subconsciously. Meaning that they are likely to find themselves attracted to well-built men without understanding why.

Most people will definitely agree that men are attracted to some women solely because of her beauty. Just like females, males are also genetically hardwired to get attracted to any female who visually stimulates them. Males also don’t understand why this happens because all those influences and conditions were preset by design or evolution. In other words, males are biologically attracted to beautiful women cause that’s how they are basically programmed ,in as much as females are programmed attracted to strong and well-built men.

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So, does this mean that average physically built men don’t stand a chance?

Well, without a doubt, men who are average or thin do stand a chance. Women don’t only consider looks when it comes to selecting a potential partner cause women look beyond males looks and physical make up. Experts agree that females can and will sacrifice physical looks and features for valuable inner qualities, traits, status and resources, not because they want to, but solely because they were programmed that way.

If you guy who wants to increase his chances of attracting women ten folds then consider hitting the gym. Apart from that sharpen your inner traits and qualities cause this is what a majority of women look for in most men