Why women devote so much time to their looks (deep psychology explanation)

Have you ever noticed that women tend to spend more time on the mirror than men do? For some males, this kind of behavior can be really frustrating especially if there’s an event you are going to or any other important place you intend on going to with a particular female (think girlfriend or sister). The sad thing is, you probably gonna get late due to the amount of time women devote to their looks, but the question is, why do a majority of them spend more time on their looks? We know that men rely mostly on their intrinsic qualities to attract women, but what about women?

  1. Biological programming

Women are biologically geared to be physically attractive in order to attract men to them. Men on the other hand don’t need to be extremely physically attractive to attract women cause women biologically seek intrinsic qualities in a man such as confidence, leadership and social status in order to be attracted to a particular male.

Women devote more of their time on their looks because they are genetically geared to represent themselves physically and facially attractive so that they can be attractive to males. Secondly……


  1. Women are judged more on their appearances than men

Women are judged more on their looks than men, but why? the reason women are predominantly judged on their looks is plainly due to the constant images of top tier women bombarded on them by the media, and this form of subliminal indoctrination has not only indoctrinated how men perceive women, but how women perceive themselves. Because of this, women are geared towards devoting their time on their looks in order to level with society’s beauty standards.

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So, the major reasons women spend more time on their looks are caused by two factors which are biological programming (natural programming) and external programming (media and society). Basically these factors will always shape how women perceive themselves and how they perceive other women.