Why women really like tall men (based on biology)

Why is it that a majority of women like or get attracted to tall guys? Ever wondered why a majority of women prefer the taller guy over the short guy, huh?

For some time now, I’ve been asking a plethora of women why they like taller men but for one reason or another, they shrug or give me the wrong answer solely because they don’t know or understand how they are biologically programmed.

Alright then, why do women like tall men?

Well, according to evolution psychology(if you believe), women are  programmed to get attracted to men who are taller or men who are apparently taller than them. So, a guy does not need to be extremely tall but slightly taller than the female .but why taller men you might be thinking? Well, women are naturally programmed to seek a male who is taller because being tall gives the impression that the targeted male is dominant or rather protective

So, why dominant and protective males by the way?

Women will always choose a male who is dominant and protective due to the biological programming they have that gives them the predilection for stronger males just to ensure and secure themselves and their offspring. Remember in ancient times (centuries ago) men were the breadwinners and their basic responsibility was to secure the family from harm and danger. This has slightly changed today cause women are growing independent from their male counterparts to current breadwinners in some households. But the truth is, the biological programming in women is one thing that will never change. In as much as men are attracted to beautiful women (something that will never change), women are also programmed attracted to particular males, especially the tall ones.

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So, I know if you are a women and you are currently reading this, you might think this is bullshit or guess work, but the truth is, attraction will always be confusing cause its functions are controlled and influenced subconsciously. For example if you ask any guy why they are attracted to beautiful women, you won’t get reasonable answers cause attraction functions on a subconscious level influenced by hormonal changes and genetic make-up, etc.

So, women are no different from males, they are naturally hardwired to seek a dominant or powerful men, so in most cases, this is why many women get attracted to men of wealth and status.

For shorter men: of course physical make-up isn’t everything to women cause women also value intrinsic qualities such as confidence, personality , character and your wallet(just kidding). But please do remember that women might prefer taller men cause it’s a biological programming and not something they conditioned or programmed themselves