Why women want bad boys so badly

Have you ever asked yourself why a majority of females fall in love or get attracted to the bad type of boys? At first before learning psychology, I thought nice guys were the ones who always get all the girls, but as my experience and research grew, all those beliefs about bad boys fell to its knees cause I gradually discovered what women are really attracted to instead of what they say they are attracted to.

So, why do women want bad boys so badly?

Women unlike men were biologically designed to look for intrinsic traits that correspond with their biological makeup. In as much as men are biologically attracted to curvy and gorgeous women, women look for traits that bad boys possess such as:

  1. Confidence

Ask any woman what they really, really find attractive in a guy and most of them will tell you confidence takes the cup. Before you even attempt to learn seduction or being a pick up artist, the first rule is learning how to be confident cause confidence is genuinely attractive for both males and females. It’s a plain fact…who in the world would find low self esteem attractive, huh?


  1. Masculinity

Most bad boys exhibit signs of masculinity, which is also a trait women adore. Women love a guy who has the potential to protect them. Why do you think a majority of them find well-built men attractive?Most of this is encoded in their DNA.


  1.  Unpredictable

Anything that is predictable is boring. It’s like watching the same movie 20 times and expecting a different reaction from scenes of the movie. Nice guys always tend to be predictable cause they do the same thing every time in a relationship and then expecting a different reaction from their partner. Bad boys love novelty and they always bring something new to the table.

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  1. Dominant

Female are genetically programmed to find an alpha male and this behavior and attraction is also noticed amongst all female species. In short, they seek a dominant male cause all of that is genetically encoded. No matter what women say, it’s quite difficult to override a biological instruction and this is one of the main reasons why some women leave their current boyfriend for an alpha male. Although this seems unfair and hash, most of what women are attracted to isn’t logical, but rather an emotional response caused by their biological programming.