Why working for someone won’t make you rich (4 unknown reasons)

A majority of people see themselves wealthy in the near future, but the only drawback some of these people have is that they believe that they will reach the ultimate goal of getting rich if they stick to their current jobs till they get a promotion that will skyrocket their income. There's nothing wrong with working for somebody if you like, but if you think that you’ll be a multimillionaire or billionaire working for someone, then you are seriously wrong and here’s why:

  1. You are building wealth for your boss not for yourself

The reason why you are working where you are currently work is because they need your skills and expertise to make a lot of money for themselves and a fixed wage or salary for you. The only way you can make riches working for somebody else is when you are a ceo( chief executive officer) of a top lucrative company, apart from that, your road to generating riches from your job will take a while, a long time in actual fact. You can try saving, but oh boy, it will definitely take time.


  1. The amount of money you make constricts you

When you work for somebody, the amount of money you make is limits you. Probably you want to start your own business, but the amount of money required is overwhelming and the salary you make is insufficient. The sad thing is that you try to save but your expenses and needs become more visible thus depleting your savings gradually. In short, sometimes working for somebody makes it hard to make financial shifts and changes.

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  1. Your learning becomes more fixated on your job

In order to become wealthy, you need to become mentally flexible. If you keep learning about your job only, your mental flexibility depreciates because you only learn about your job and not other things that can potentially make you successful. In order to succeed, you need to be open minded as possible, but the truth is, your job doesn't help you do that because you are likely to be very tired to learn other things when you knock off. In other words, You’ll be tired just like everybody else.


  1. You become less risky and more comfortable

Your job won’t make you rich cause you stop taking other lucrative opportunities due to having the ability to cover your bills.The more you work, the more you fear transitioning because of the possibility of failing and being unable to take care of your monthly bills. You fear risking or investing because being able to take care of your expenses makes you too comfortable. But sadly, in order to hit it big, you need to risk some of your money by investing so that you can reap the hefty benefits in the near future. If you properly make your research, you’ll discover that the majority of rich people are those who risked their monies by investing and reaping the benefits later. So, learn how to calculably invest and you might be the next warren buffet.



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